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Dreams in Homeopathy - Dreams of Teeth

It's wonderful to be able to share the amazing world of Homeopathy with you, and today I'm going to talk a little about some of the dreams people have about their teeth, and how they might guide me to a remedy that will help them as a whole.

If you see me for a full Homeopathic consultation I will usually ask you about your dreams – any recent ones that have stayed with you, any recurrent dreams, or dreams you had in particularly challenging times.

You may wonder why I'm asking - what do dreams have to do with our toothache or anything else we're suffering from.

We all know that dreams are one of the ways our brains process events, feelings, anxieties, and all the data we've taken in during the day. Dreams are produced by our unconscious minds, and because we can't access the unconscious while we're awake, our dreams can be a rich field for the Homeopath to mine in the search for remedies that will help you.


When our remedies are "proved" - tested by healthy people - groups of testers may experience similar dreams, which we then know are part of that remedy's symptom picture. Those dreams can then go into our reference books.

This means that in our Repertories (books of symptoms) and Materia Medicas (books of remedy symptom pictures) we can often find a specific dream that may be a clue to the remedy which matches your whole symptom picture.


Having a specific dream that is part of a remedy picture doesn't necessarily mean that is the remedy you need. The skill of the Homeopath is to be able to weigh the importance of different symptoms in the totality of the patient's picture

These remedies are in Murphy's Repertory, 3rd Edition. I was drawn to look them up because while I was researching something else I noticed that Convolvulus (Conv-d) dreams of their front teeth falling out. Now how specific is that? I had to know more!

Cenchris Contortrix

For these dreams to be useful, other symptoms, and modalities (what makes a symptom feel better or worse) would also have to match; the person's emotional state is also important.

Homeopathic Remedy Kit

You may recognise some of these "Dreams of Teeth" remedies as being in the top five for toothache and tooth decay. So if you have dental problems, along with some of these dreams, and your personality type fits too, your Homeopath can start to match remedies to find the one that may help. For example, Nux-v is irritable, hot-tempered, with a short fuse; Nat-mur is melancholy, self-contained, and suffers from sunrise to sunset (when everything magically feels better).

No matter what your health issues are, Homeopathy triggers your body/mind/spirit to start healing from within. So whatever you're dreaming about - teeth or anything else - remember to tell your Homeopath about them – it really helps us help you!

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