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Choose homeopathy

Homeopathy is a natural dynamic energy medicine that's safe and effective for all of us - including children, babies, pregnant women, and older people (men too!) Homeopathy is holistic, aiming to help us heal ourselves

in mind, body, and spirit - raising vitality, immunity, & wellbeing.

Homeopathy has no side effects.

​As a professional Homeopath for over 25 years, people have brought me health issues as varied as verrucae, menstrual problems, eating disorders, hay fever, depression,  allergies, heartburn, cold sores, exam phobia, difficulty conceiving, molluscum contagiosum, digestive disorders, morning sickness, M.S., impotence, diabetes, stress, polycystic ovary syndrome, bereavement, fevers, coughs & colds, asthma, menopause, learning difficulties, bites & stings, anxiety, teething, colic, eczema, ear infections, fear of flying, M.E., flu, eczema, Crohn's disease, cystitis,  headaches, sunburn, vaccination, anaemia, chicken pox & shingles, agoraphobia, chest infections, panic attacks, and support & recovery: from cancer treatment, birth trauma, accidents or operations.

Whatever your symptoms, diagnosis, or state of health, you are welcome in my practice - whether for treatment, to discuss options, or simply to talk things through.

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