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Massage is perhaps one of the oldest healing traditions and is the practice of kneading or manipulating muscles and other soft tissue in order to improve wellbeing and health 

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Treatment Room
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Purchased small size Man on massage tabl
Massage Therapy
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Pressure Point Massage
Sports Injury
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Massage is suitable for men and women of all ages, children, infants and pregnancy.

It provides many health benefits by reducing muscle tension, improving circulation, stimulating the lymphatic system, increasing flexibility and providing relaxation.

Whatever your symptoms, diagnosis or state of health you are welcome to my Practice. Whether for treatment, to discuss options or simply to talk things through.


Sports Massage

Injury prevention & recovery; soft tissue maintenance; event preparation & recovery. Treatment designed for your sport and your individual body. Uses techniques including deep tissue, trigger point release, cross-fibre and stress reduction.

45mins £50

Deep Tissue Massage

Helpful for stiff necks and upper backs, lower back pain, tight leg muscles and sore shoulders. Very firm pressure and trigger point techniques are used to release & realign deeper muscles and connective tissue.

45mins £45

Ultra relax & Pamper

The ultimate relaxation massage. Slow, light-pressure techniques combine with essential oil fragrances and mood-enhancing music to help you leave all your worries behind and sink into utter relaxation and peace. You won't want to leave!

1 hour £50

Swedish Massage

Back, Neck & Shoulders

Perfect for relieving everyday tension, aches and soreness in your back, neck and shoulders, leaving you feeling relaxed and toned. This massage uses traditional techniques of effleurage, kneading, and percussion to loosen, detox, and tone muscles and connective tissue.

45mins £45

Full Body

Stay in great shape with regular maintenance massage. This massage improves circulation, detoxes the soft tissues, strengthens immunity, tones muscles, and leaves you feeling relaxed and ready to go. It uses traditional techniques of effleurage, kneading, and percussion, with pressure to suit you, from light through medium to firm.

1 hour £60

Pregnancy Massage

30 mins

Eases discomfort in pregnancy by softening tissues to release aches & pains, and relaxing you away from stress, tension, or anxiety. Seated or on-couch massage using slow, soothing strokes combined with diffused essential oil aromas and mood-enhancing music. (GP/Midwife permission required)

30mins £30

1 hour

Eases physical discomfort in pregnancy by relaxing tissues to release aches & pains, as well as relaxing you away from stress, tension, or anxiety. Lying on your side on the couch, the massage uses slow, soothing strokes combined with plain oils and mood-enhancing music. The whole body is treated, including (optionally) your baby bump! (GP/Midwife permission required)

1 hour £50

Foot & Ankle Massage

Relieve tired aching feet, ease chronic aches and pains, lessen puffiness, relax, mobilise, or

re-energise, in just half an hour. Regular treatment can increase circulation, flexibility, and the appearance of your feet. You choose the focus of your treatment; relaxing (gentle), re-energising (brisk, firmer), or mobilising (stretching and manipulation of joints, tendons, ligaments)

30 mins £25


BetaHealth Clinic

Opposite The Forum

67 Marlowes

Hemel Hempstead


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